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1hr Recreational Programs

Fitness and Fun!!


Come and let your child experience a unique program developed by Alpha Gymnastics!

Gymnastics skills, as well as many complex daily tasks, require good integration of the two sides of the brain and this development occurs in a child around this age.

Our Tumbling into Literacy program combines sensory activities with gymnastics to optimize your child’s development and they will prime your child for future endeavors such as the pursuit of more advance gymnastics skills or academic excellence.

This is a parent-accompanied class.

Walkers to 3yrs old


This is the second part of our Tumbling Into Literacy Program!

Having laid a great foundation in our Rompers class, your child is ready to tackle more intricate and challenging gymnastics skills.

Your child will be working on gross and fine motor skills by learning to warm-up, run, crawl, jump and tumble.

In this class, your child will also learn to take instructions when you are not around and develop basic etiquette such as waiting for his turn and being respectful to the coach and his classmates, definitely no easy task!

But with patience, repetition and continued affirmation, your child will blossom!

3 to 6 yrs old


This class will introduce your child to more challenging gymnastics skills on the different apparatus.

The skills in our GymStars program is based on Level 1 of the Australian Level System. In trying to tackle a challenging task, a child will learn focus and perseverance.

Your child will take pride in overcoming obstacles and his confidence will soar. These are what we call life skills.

While it brings us great satisfaction to see your child learn a difficult gymnastics skill, we are even happier knowing that your child has learnt some of these life skills because we know that these skills will stand him in good stead later on in life.

6 to 8 yrs old


This class is based on our GymStars curriculum, but designed for slightly older children.

Older children tend to receive and process instructions differently from younger children and this class has been designed to ensure maximum fun and learning!

8 to 12yrs old

Program Schedule (1hr Recreational)

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