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Becoming a gymnast!!


by coaches recomendation

This class is to nurture gymnasts from the Jumpers and Gymstars groups who show potential for more advance gymnastics training but who are not quite ready for our Mini-girls/boys or Intermediate/Advance levels.

This class is focused on more specialized training, both physical and mental, to prepare them for the our pre-competitive and competitive levels.


by coaches recomendation

Similar to our Mini-Squad program, this class is designed for older gymnasts who show potential for advance gymnastics training.

Training is structured to maximize the higher level of emotional maturity of these relatively older gymnasts.

Gymnasts are encouraged to develope at their own pace and achieve new skills in our progressive achievement program.


by coaches recomendation

This is our pre-competitive program designed to prepare young gymnasts for future competition by emphasizing strong basic fundamentals, strength, flexibility, discipline and respect for the sport.

Gymnasts are selected for this program based on their attitude, work ethic, desire, gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility.

Gymnasts are provided with a challenging, disciplined environment to further build their abilities.

Training will maintain a balance of seriousness and fun, and the entire experience will be extremely enjoyable for children who are passionate about the sport!


by coaches recomendation

Our Intermediate/Advance program incorporates skill development on all Olympic apparatus such as vault, uneven and parallel bars, balance beam and floor exercise.

The skills gymnasts will be working on are based on Level 2 and above of the Australian Level System.

Gymnasts are encouraged to develop at their own pace and achieve new skills in our progressive achievement program.

Program Schedule (Competitive)

Schedule (Comp)


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