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Frequent Asked Questions

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  • Is Gymnastics suitable for kids?
    Many people never consider gymnastics when looking for a recreational activity for their children. Here are some reasons why you should: - Gymnastics is the only sport that works total body strength, flexibility and aerobic development. - Self-discipline is developed due to the very nature of the sport. - Self-confidence is built through individualized goals and accomplishments. - For any other sport, gymnastics is a way of developing strength and giving athletes that “added edge”. - Kids learn to listen and follow instructions and interact with peers. Gymnastics is NOT DANGEROUS when taught by well-trained and experienced coaches. It is FUN! Gymnastics & Motor Sensory Integration (the complete package): Our classes for babies start from as young as 4 weeks old. Babies need to learn about their world and all their sensory pathways are just waiting for the right stimulation and input. Learning to crawl, sit, speak or just tracking a moving object takes more than just physical ability. Good motor sensory skills must be developed and this will have great impact on the child’s reading and writing skills later on. Gymnastics skills, as well as many complex daily tasks, require good integration of the two sides of the brain. Specific activities that have been integrated with basic gymnastics have been developed to optimize this development and they will prime your child for many future endeavors such as the pursuit of more advance gymnastics skills cognitive skills and academic excellence. To sum up, many sports teach commitment, dedication and time management. Yet gymnastics, because of the complex progression of abilities and physical techniques required to master the different events, , teaches perserverance, patience and discipline beyond the realm of many sports. Gymnastics is perhaps one of the most comprehensive “lifestyle exercise program” incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, co-ordination, power and discipline.
  • Can Adults take up Gymnastics classes?
    Most people over 18 believe that they are too old to start gymnastics. If you want to go to the Olympics, then maybe it is too late, but it is never too late to have fun with gymnastics and gain from the many benefits from practising this sport. Not only will gymnastics improve performance in any other sport, it is also great for improving overall fitness and functional strength to a level that most people never attain. The benefits of resistance training is widely recognised by medical professionals. Studies have shown that resistance training improves joint health, maintains muscular development and improves cardiovascular fitness and this is true for all ages. Gymnastics is all about resistance training and development of functional strength. More importantly, gymnastics strength training help prevent injuries and most adults will be stronger than they have ever been. For women especially, gymnastics is great for maintaining bone density and thus helps in the prevention of osteoporosis. Gymnastics is also about flexibility. Benefits from being more flexible include greater joint mobility, improved circulation and prevention of joint injury.
  • If we missed a class, can it be make up on other day and time?"
    YES! - Please contact our administrative personnel during admin hours to arrange for the available day and time for the make up class. - Turning up without any arrangement with our administrative personnel will not be allowed to join in the class, as all classes may have full attendance. - All missed class must be make up within the term of the class that is sign up for. - Any missed class not make up within the term will be considered forfeited. - Missed class will not be allowed to be brought over to the next term. - No refund will be given for all missed class. - Alpha Gym reserves the right to reject any make up class request at all time.
  • What are the activities in a 1 hour recreational class?
    Recreational classes mainly focuses on developing gymnastics foundation in strength, flexibility, balance, agility, self discipline and learning ability that is required in gymnastics discipline. During the 1 hour class, students will get to learn skill sets in some of the gymnastics apparatus with the aspect of those discipline according to their class level. The lesson plan is change weekly so that students will be able to learn skill sets in all artistics gymnastics apparatus. Apparatus will include: - Floor, Beam,Trampoline, Uneven Bars, Vaults - Parallel Bars, Rings, Pommel Horse
  • What is the coach to student ratio in each class?
    For the effectiveness and effieciency of the class, Alpha Gym kept the ratio at maximum 8 students per coach for GymStars and BigStars. As for Jumpers, it will be 6 students per coach.
  • Does Alpha Gymnastics provides trial class?
    Yes, Alpha Gym do have trial class at a non-refundable rate of $45 SGD. Trial class must be booked and arranged with our administrative personnel. Trial class fee will only be waived off upon signing up for class within a week of the trial.
  • Does Alpha Gym has refund policy?
    Alpha Gym do not have refund policy. We do seek customers to respect our policy and we are greatly thankful for your understanding.
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