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Code Of Coduct

Child Safe Sport Commitments

Alpha Gymnastics has the responsibility of creating a safe social and physical environment for our coaches and gymnasts.


It is the responsibility of all staff at Alpha Gymnastics and students to prevent any abuse or bullying from happening and to report it immediately if there is one.

This includes physical, sexual and psychological abuse, sexual, violence and physical harassment.


Our aim is to help all children who attend classes here to feel happy and safe when coming for classes.

We will appreciate co-operation from everyone in the community.


All staff of Alpha Gymnastics, including the management and volunteers, will work together to protect our children.

Code of Ethical Practise

Alpha Gymnastics will treat and respect everyone equally.

Feedback will be provided in a positive manner and we will seek to listen well.

Except where disclosure is required by law or by the medical necessity, all personal information will be kept confidential.

Coaches have the responsibility to provide due care to our students.

Coaches to coach within their limits of knowledge.

Our programmes are age, skill and ability-appropriate.

Resumption of training for any gymnast.

We advise an injured athlete to seek due medical treatment and we consistently monitor his/her condition until he/she is able to resume training

We seek to adhere to standard industry practices for safety standards.

We will ensure that all gymnasts are properly attired.

No form of abuse is allowed in the gym (Verbal, physical or emotional).

No sexual intimacy is allowed in the gym.

Physical contact between staff and gymnasts is allowed when absolutely necessary and during appropriate situations.

Spotting methods are consistent with established gymnastics principles.

Spotting is used only to facilitate learning and safe performance.

We seek to communicate with our gymnasts and parents in an honest and sincere manner.

We seek to abide by the rules of the sport of gymnastics.

We seek to maintain a professional attitude with the highest standards of personal conduct.

We shall ensure that an appropriate level of dressing and language is adopted in the gym.

Our coaches are to exercise self-awareness and evaluate how their actions can influence coaching activities positively or negatively.

Key Responsibilities and Commitment

Coaches and staff should maintain clear boundaries towards gymnasts (example: physical contact can be done only if there is a need, risk and permission from the child)

Coaches should maintain fairness to all gymnasts by avoiding favoritism or abusive words

Minimize risk inside and outside the gym facilities. (example: discouraging any form of bullying while inside the premise, only female staff can bring young girls to the toilet when parents/helpers are not around.)

Ensure that the children will stay in Alpha Gym’s premises when their parents are not yet there to pick them up and we will not allow any other adult to pick them up unless notified by the parents that another adult will be picking them up or that the children will go home on their own.

Transparency in coaching. Everything that is happening inside the gym can be seen from the outside.

Ensure that the coach/student ratio has been properly observed.

Discipline methods are not harsh and harmful for the development of the children. Coaches shall maintain clear communication with the children and parents.

Alpha Gym will not disclose any personal information of the children on social media platforms unless consent has been obtained from the parents.

We discourage private messages between the coaches and gymnasts or their parents. Parents are encouraged to contact the gym directly.

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